Friday, July 15, 2005

Vegas and So Cal

(LA & SD pics uploaded. Sorry for the delay. 3 sets in all: LA&SD, Universal, Vegas)

I was at Las Vegas for a couple of days last week. Temperatures were freaking hot, with highs of 46 C (115 F) in the day and lows of 31 C (87 F) in the night. Thats hotter than New Delhi or Nagpur, and with the hot desert winds blowing you couldn't remain outside for more than 5 minutes.

There are a number of hotels/casinos on "The Strip", with each one based on a different theme. Thus Excalibur is based on the Medieval Knights, Luxor on Ancient Egypt, Treasure Island on Pirates and seas, New York New York on well... uh, New York city. It is fun going to different hotels and checking them out. Check my pics here.

One thing I still don't understand why people are attracted to slots. The card games like poker and blackjack atleast have some (debatable) element of skill and fun, but slots??? All you do is pull the lever & hope that some combination of symbols appear in a line. Just pure luck, no spirit of competition, still we find most of the people playing it. Very odd!!!!!!

Also visited Los Angeles and San Diego (pics). Worth mentioning are the Universal Studios theme park (pics) and Hollywood in LA. Los Angeles is a crowded, dirty city, while San Diego in contrast in a nice, clean, sleepy place. Still the year-long moderate temperatures make Southern California the perfect place to live all year long.

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