Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The big shift

So finally I shifted to Seattle and the last few days here have been hectic searching for apartments, roommates, getting done with the formalities etc. The place I stay - Bellevue (which is derived from a French term for "beautiful view"), is like a suburb of Seattle, a beautiful place with nice weather. None of the "Seattle rain" so far.

2 years since I came to this country. 2 years since my last big shift. I don't have a clue what's next. How long am I gonna be here? Job starts next week. My first foray into the corporate world ;-) Right now I have decided to just take everything as it comes and not worry about long term plans.

Listening to some rockin' Led Zep - Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, Misty Mountain Hop, Whole Lotta Love, Rock and Roll etc. Simply heavenly....


The most amazing Ashes series of the past some years is taking place in England. After the first test was won by Australia, England won the 2nd by 2 runs and Australia managed to draw the 3rd one with the last wicket pair of McGrath & Lee holding on for 4 overs. The over-reliance of the Aussies on McGrath and Warne to win tests for them is being exposed int the series. The worst part is that I am not able to watch any of this action. One of the many things you miss in this country....

Then again football (American) starts in September 1st week. Though now I have to cheer for the Seattle Seahawks, it still remains the game to watch in the US.

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Divya Sagar said...

was randomly going thru blogs. Were you from Rutgers? Just wondering! good luck on the job!