Tuesday, September 27, 2005

And they lived happily ever after.....

Ganguly & Chappell finally decided that they must bury their differences "in the interests of Indian cricket". This is a historic moment for Indian cricket, the chronicles of which should be etched in gold.

Now we have a team which will definitely win the World Cup 2007. We have a captain who is in tremendous batting form, the mere mention of whom strikes terror in the heart of pace bowlers around the world. We have a team packed with consistent performers, with amazing fitness levels. And we have a coach who has an unprecedented success rate in his previous coaching assignments. There are no egos, and every member puts his team before his individual opinions and who will support the coach and captain come what may.

And of course we have a very efficient and supportive board, with no infighting, and which only cares about taking Indian cricket to unprecedented heights.

All hail the champions of the world!!!


edalexander02237931 said...
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anshul said...

Get over cricket man, follow some better sport. Of course, my prediction is Ganguly is gonna be the captain till the world cup.