Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Chappell-Ganguly saga

Lots has been said about the rift between the coach & captain. So it seems one of the two has to pack his bags before we can actually start playing.

Personally I would love to see Ganguly go. I never thought he was a good captain, and of late he was batting pathetically; he didn't even merit a place in a Ranji side. Ganguly sprang into popularity as an extremely talented batsman, an off-side god, and had an amazing one-day and test run. It took some time for other teams to find his weak spots, but once they did they just latched on to them. And Ganguly crumbled....

He was a bad example as a captain. He was by far the worst fielder in the team. Not only was he unfit, he also lacked the commmitment to fielding that a captain should have. I firmly believe the reason India did well under his captaincy was more due to the emergence of a new breed of young talented players (Sehwag, Pathan, Kaif, Khan etc.) than his captaincy skills. I believe with Dravid as captain, we could have reached even greater heights.

If you think the problem lies with Chappell, read this to check out the problems John Wright had lately with the Ganguly camp. Any rationally thinking player would have agreed with Chappell's suggestion that the best XI does not feature a certain India player whose test average in the past year and half (before the Zim tour) is 33.84, one-day average is 29.66 and without a century in either form of the game.

Of course we will have to accept whatever decision the corrupt BCCI takes in this matter....


PS said...

this is the email contents -

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Nikhil said...

Yup checkd that out already. Clarifies Chappell's view. Really damning.

Now we need to know Ganguly's side of the story. Anyway's I'd be mighty glad if he's gone.