Sunday, September 04, 2005


I finally got internet at home after three weeks here. That explains the relative high delay between my blogs (or serves as a nice excuse).

So I am slowly settling down in Seattle. Job is fine, no hard work so far, hardly anything of a commute; the weather is simply beautiful with sporadic but pleasant rain. It is quite a slow, laid-back kind of atmosphere in this place, which suits me just well so far :)

I watched the great Indian hope, Sania Mirza, in action for the first time today. Against the cutest babe to ever play tennis - Maria Sharapova. Sania fought in the first few games of the first set, even managed to break Maria's serve, but then simply caved in. Sania has what you call a "hit-or-miss" game. Very powerful strokes, especially the forehand, but then a very high unforced error rate too. Also a very weak second serve which Maria feasted upon (only 20% second serve pts won). She will have to be much more consistent to break into the big league. But at the same time, it felt nice to see an Indian doing as well as Sania is doing.

Following which I saw THE GOD, Federer, dispose Olivier Rochus in straight sets. Can anyone stop him from winning the US Open? Agassi? In your dreams......

Ashes had another amazing test where England outplayed Australia for most of the test. Australia mounted one of their ever amazing comebacks in the last couple of days, but then they fell just short... again. So its ENG 2-1 and they just need a draw in the final test to regain the Ashes after 20 or something years.

On the topic of Mumbai floods and the recent hurricane Katrina; a point worth raising is - How much of these recent disasters can you attribute to the escalating global warming? The Tsunamis, the Mumbai floods, hurricane Katrina, all could be the result of distorted weather patterns due the increased green house effect resulting from human activity. It is time we put our foot down and take heed. Or is it already too late?

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