Monday, October 31, 2005

Seven and Oh

“A win is a win. A loss is a loss.
But no matter what, you better come with it or don't come at all,
Because it's 90 feet to first no matter where home is.”

Ended the fall cricket league yesterday, undefeated - seven wins no losses. We literally dominated the rest of the teams, and I ended up as the top scorer for the team :). Of course, it helps having a good team in a sub-standard league ;).

India on fire, "three and O" and Pathan and Dhoni have come good up the order. Great going.... Gibbs and Boje pull out of the Indian tour. This really sucks. I thought that I would get to watch Herschelle Gibbs bat after a really long time, but it wasn't to be. Gibbs is one of the most amazing players to watch when in flow, and the balance he has when he plays his shots is simply unsurpassed. He rates very highly among my "very watchable" list of batsmen, others being Damien Martyn, Sachin, Ponting, and lately Graeme Smith and Andrew Strauss.

Delhi bomb blasts. Sad... When is this going to end.... Terrorism is hurting Pakistan much more than India. Hope they realize this sooner rather than later. Of course I might be misinformed or biased when I say this.........

A nice link - The world according to Jose Mourinho, the manager of Chelsea and the self-proclaimed "The Chosen One".


Anonymous said...
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Sahara Boys said...

newer players are yet to be tested..

Venugopala Rao, Suresh Raina, I gues are still under hiding..lets see how they rise up to the occassion

Sanjit said...

Watchable batsman. U can't forget Brian Lara!! He looks so vulnerable when he shuffles but only till bat strikes ball.