Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The "second team" from the "second city" are the champions of baseball. Today the Chicago White Sox took the World Series 4-0, by defeating Houston Astros. After years of being overshadowed by the more popular Chicago Cubs, they have finally achieved the ultimate.

Who would have put money on the White Sox at the beginning of the season? They came out of relative obscurity to win the World Series. That said, this has been the year of the underdogs, the unknowns. Who would have put money on Liverpool to win the Champions league? On England winning the Ashes? On Alonso winning the F1 drivers championship? On MSN search beating Google? (Oops, that one's for the future :) )

Anyway, here's a clip of how the gods deliver. And Graeme Smith's Super Series tour diary spoof (Part 1 & Part 2) make for a real funny read.


PS said...

On MSN search beating Google? (Oops, that one's for the future :) )
and since when did Microsoft become underdogs?!

Nikhil said...

What the hell is ROTFL??? Anyways, now I know..... How can u even use such acronyms??

Well, MSN search are the underdogs in the search engine space.

Gypsy said...

thanx nikhil, nice site (flickr)

Gypsy said...

hey nikhil, check out my pics on flickr..
do u have an account?