Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Australian Pink Floyd (Clips uploaded....)

Went for an Aussie Pink Floyd concert at Seattle Center yesterday. It is a Pink Floyd tribute band acclaimed for their honest reproductions of Pink Floyd numbers.

They started off with Breathe, then played a lot of PF numbers ending with Run Like Hell. They even played some relatively less popular songs like Fletcher Memorial Home and Have a Cigar, which was good. Here is the list of songs they played (though not in the original order. I may have missed a couple):
  • breathe
  • time
  • money
  • astronomy domine
  • us and them
  • learning to fly
  • shine on...
  • wish u were
  • pigs (3 different ones)
  • another brick in the wall
  • comfortably numb
  • have a cigar
  • fletcher memorial
  • brain damage
  • run like hell

They had visual effects like the circular visual display showing weird (read subtle :) ) videos and they also had props like the inflatable pig and the inflatable rabbit, like the original PF. All in all a pretty amazing experience, the closest you can get to hearing the actual Pink Floyd in concert. Wondering if any Pink Floyd tribute band can perform Careful with that axe, Eugene. Now that would be a real tribute band.

Here's the link to the pictures, and I took some clips from my camera which are here, here, here and here. (I was sitting at the right side of the auditorium so the view is real crappy :( ).