Thursday, November 03, 2005


With Yahoo releasing the new Yahoo maps, it seems like a three horse race for the dominance of the web. Microsoft vs. Yahoo vs. Google. All 3 are developing similar applications looking for more and more people to use their products. Here are my preferences in various categories they are feuding:

1. Search Engines: Google wins hands down. Both MSN & Yahoo claim to be developing “Google-beaters”.
2. Maps/Local Search: The new Yahoo Maps (Beta) is just kickass. But I couldn’t find where the satellite map is. Anyways it’s bye bye Google Maps for the time being. MSN Virtual Earth comes a distant third.
3. Email: Gmail seems to be the best right now. (I still use Yahoo though :) ). But from what I have heard both the new Windows Live Mail and the new Yahoo mail (both almost ready) are far more better. Look out for them very very soon.
4. Instant Messenger/Chat Client: MSN messenger is the one I use the most. MSN & Yahoo are going to collaborate for a common IM mid-2006. Then what is Windows Live Messenger? I’ve never used Google Talk so can’t really comment.
5. Windows Live seems to be much sleeker than either My Yahoo or Google Reader in the race for the best start-page/RSS aggregator. But we’ll have to wait and see how it shapes up when it goes fully functional.

There are rumors about Google Office and how cool that is gonna be. Also both Google & Microsoft are serious about the book search. So the question is fairly unresolved. WHO WILL WIN THE WEB?

BTW, LIVE is opposite of EVIL. Hence Microsoft = Google. ;)

That’s my geeky post for the day. Adios…..


Anonymous said...
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PS said...

1. Search Engines: yeah Google is the best among the 3, but nothing like specialized sites. eg. wikipedia for trivia, imdb for movies, songfacts for songs, Google can never beat these...
2. Maps/Local Search: When it comes to printing directions for a trip, still give me Mapquest anyday. Sleek interface is one thing, accurate directions is an entirely different thing.
3. Email: Gmail - no qn about that!
4. Instant Messenger/Chat Client: YM, just because most of my friends are there. But once Gaim starts supporting VOIP, I'm going to move to Gaim.
5. Bloglines
6 (new category I added) - OS - OpenSuse 10.0 - it just rocks :)

Nikhil said...

1. Try for trivia. It collates results from various sites, wikipedia included (and its faster than wikipedia too)
2. Recently, I don't think Yahoo/Google/MSN are giving bad directions at all. They sucked some time back, but I don't think so anymore.
3. Gmail, coz you haven't had a look at the new Windows Live or Yahoo mail.
5. Bloglines is good, but ugly. I also use it, but intend to switch to when it gets more stable.
6. OS: OpenSuse 10.0?? That's geek choice. Do you really use it for all your daily activities? We all know who rules the OS world.

PS said... is indeed a neat concept. but I love wikipedia!

and yeah I do use suse 9.3 and now opensuse 10 for all my daily activities.
all I can really do in windows is browse the web, IM, and listen to winamp.. it doesnt even have a compiler or ms office by default.. and ur comparing it to opensuse 10.0?!!!

windows is "ruling" just bcoz PCs come default with it and lots of ppl dont know about the greener pastures beyond.. I pity them!

Sanjit said...

"windows is "ruling" just bcoz PCs come default with it and lots of ppl dont know about the greener pastures beyond.. I pity them!"

Well PCs come default with it because Windows serves a larger community than Linux. Windows knows how to sell. They make it real easy for any novice to use their stuff. Anyway, what stops anyone to install Linux instead of windows and sell their box? It is the consumer who rules, I guess. Consider the GUI that Linux provides. It is just not appealing enough. Till some time ago you had to go around looking for drivers etc. For most uses Windows is the best and the intelligent choice to make.

As far as the compiler, Office etc go u have other people offering free stuff to run on windows! (cygwin & staroffice). You don't loose out on anything by buying Windows.

Nikhil said...

"all I can really do in windows is browse the web, IM, and listen to winamp"

I guess if I don't code (& most of the people in the world don't code), this is what I do mostly.