Sunday, December 04, 2005

Boy, you just dropped the World Cup

Finally, Steve Waugh admits that he never said these very famous words to Herschelle Gibbs when he dropped Waugh's catch at short mid-wicket.

Here is the text from the Inside Cricket interview with Steve:
Did you actually say to Herschelle Gibbs "You just dropped the World Cup" in 1999?
No, I wasn't quite that clever. I wish I could claim that and the myth is sort of perpetuated and I'm going to break it a bit but it wasn't quite that, I just said: "Look, do you realise you've just cost your team the game." We were having a battle at the time and Herschelle is a fantastic player. I gave him a bit of stick when he was batting and of course he got 120. When you've done that you've got to cop it when you get back in and he gave me a gob full all the way through and I got to 56 and he dropped the catch and he walked past me at the end of the over and . . . well we had to say something.

Finally this will end the countless arguments I had with my friends that he never could have said these words (even a born sledger like Waugh) in that situation (semis of the World Cup with Aussies on the backfoot). So anyone who argued with me, I TOLD YOU SO :P

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Sailesh Ganesh said...

Well, it wasn't the semis, just the final super 6 game. But this thing came out some time back, surprising you didnt hear about it till now.