Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Web 2.0

With a whole slew of Web 2.0 sites (next generation, social, interactive, "AJAX"y sites) coming up by the day, here are the ones I frequently use. A couple of them are very popular, the rest not that commonly used. And I am not including obvious ones like gmail & Live maps
  • Bloglines: RSS Aggregator. All my news, blogs, photo-feeds, weather at one place. Probably my most visited site of the day. Cons: The site could do with a visual makeover.
  • It's a very cool, online todo list. Very helpful since I don't have to bother remembering chores anymore. It has a whole lot of keyboard shortcuts which makes using it a breeze.
  • Bookmarks manager. Anyone adding sites to browser bookmarks (IE Favorites or Firefox Bookmarks) will know how quickly it becomes bloated & unwieldy. With, your bookmarks are stored online & you can associate tags with them, so storing & searching them becomes so much easier. You can also search through other people's bookmarks & check out the most popular ones.
  • Online photo storage. It doesn't have the upload restrictions that Flickr has. It also has an option to view full size pics which most of the other sites lack. Other features include a multiple photo uploading tool, tagging & feeds.
  • A social book manager. For each book you add to your catalog you can add one or several tags that describe the book. You can then compare tags with other Library Thing users, search across tags, books, authors, see who else has read the books you have, which books are most popular among users etc.
Which ones do you find cool & useful?

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Nandan said...

I use which seems similar to zoto, with unlimited photo uploads and full-size views for free. I have started using once you suggested - pretty good site.

One of my friend suggested (For preparing presentations) and (similar to OneNote) as two good open softwares - but haven't tried them yet.