Friday, June 16, 2006


Sports season is here in full swing. Lots of exciting stuff happening all around the world that you can tune to.

French Open is over and Rafa ruled all over it, again. Wimbledon is just around the corner. India-WI cricket test series is midway through, India coming very close to winning both the tests, but WI holding on to draws in the end. NBA finals between Dallas & Miami is tied 2-2. And the biggest event of them all, the World Cup of football (the one played with the foot) is well underway. Teams like Spain and Czech Republic are off to dream starts, while pre-tournament favorites like Brazil and Argentina have looked less promising.

So I am gonna make some predictions of my own about whats gonna happen in the next few weeks:
1. Fed-man wins Wimbledon. Neither Rafa nor Roddick make it to the finals. Nadal falls in the 3rd round.
2. India win the test series 1-0. They come close to losing the other test, but hold on.
3. Mavericks win 4-3. It is a tight contest till the very end.
4. Brazil wins!!!! OK so this one is a real toughie, and by the law of averages, Brazil is not winning this year, but hell it's my prediction.

BTW, ICC is considering Hawk-eye for LBW decisions. As I mentioned previously here, Hawk-eye for LBWs will not be exact. But the question we care about is: Will it be more correct that the human umpire?

Update: Spoke too early. Argentina just blasted Serbia and Montenegro 6-0.


Nandan said...

Tour de France starts too within a week, thought without Lance Armstrong this time.

Nikhil said...

Yeah thats as big a sports spectacle as any. But though I follow it, I don't watch it, I feel watching cycling is kinda boring.