Thursday, September 28, 2006


So I went skydiving over the weekend out in Shelton. It is an hour and half from Seattle on the edge of the Olympic National Park. I had been wanting to do it for some time now, but couldn't find anyone who was ready to skydie.... oops, I mean skydive.... with me.

For those of you who think its scary, believe me, it's not. It mindblowing. Well, when you are freefalling from 13,500 ft you have no idea how quickly the ground is rushing up to you. It's just like flying. Or being in a zero gravity environment (excluding the air resistance), whichever you prefer. That's the best part about in. Unfortunately the freefall is over very quickly, in less than a minute. But then the 4-5 minute parachute ride is not too bad either. Being a sunny clear day, the view was amazing and I could catch spectacular views of Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens, Mt Baker, Mt Adams, the Olympic Mountains, the Seattle bay and the Pacific ocean. Is there a place in US more naturally beautiful than Washington (when sunny ;))?

Bottomline, this is one of the things that you should do at least once in life. (That's coz doing it often is gonna burn a deep hole in your pocket)

Anyways, enough talk, here's the video & pics:



Gypsy said...

cool! so wats next on the list? paragliding, bungee jumping? :)

Nikhil said...

Lazing through the winter is most likely :)
Well.. lets see, you never know.