Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Why can't I tag music?

I wonder why songs are not yet 'taggable'. For the uninitiated, a 'tag' is a word or a short phrase describing an entity. For e.g. this blog post is tagged (labelled) with 3 tags: 'Tags', 'Music' and 'Technology' which describe what it talks about. Tags are now ubiquitous in the Web2.0 world. Photo applications like Flickr, Bookmark managers like Del.icio.us, Blog platforms like Blogger and Wordpress etc. use tags. Google is so sold on tags that it did away with folders altogether in Gmail and replaced it with tags (or 'label's as they call it).

Individual songs should be taggable. It would help a lot while playing music which transcends genres. For e.g. many of Eric Clapton songs can be tagged as Classic Rock or Soft Rock or Blues and should be played even if we select either of these 3 genres. Neither iTunes nor MediaMonkey (the app I use to play songs on my laptop) let me do this. Sucks big time.

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