Sunday, January 13, 2008

The African question

Here is a TED talk by Andrew Mwenda, about how the well-intentioned aid to African countries, in the long run, is actually hurting the people it is supposed to help. The solution, he proposes is to enable measures to boost entrepreneurship, rather than simply provide people with food and medicines. A thought-provoking talk, which at first might sound counterintuitive to many.

P.S.: For some reason the video does not show up in a feed reader, so view the post to view the video.


Sailesh Ganesh said...

I liked the way he termed charity as a form of guilt therapy, for that is exactly what it is. Great talk. And it is no surprise that exactly the same argument can be extended to India and its poor.

Nikhil said...

Yup.. And thats why initiatives like Grameen Bank in Bangladesh are commendable. They come closer to alleviating poverty than any charity.

Morpheus said...

..its interesting this talk..its also interesting that a lot of people have talked this talk for many years now..
the cynic in me wont make a difference, the optimist in me least some one is giving food for many sides are there to that coin I wonder..