Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sydney test

All hail Mr. Jonny Fairplay, Ricky Ponting :) :

The Sydney cricket test between India and Australia had some really shoddy umpiring. 7 decisions went against India, and one against Australia. Why does this happen to every touring team in Australia? Isn't it time for cricket to come out of its stone age 'gentleman's game' era and embrace the fiercely competitive world that professional cricket is?


PS said...

the 2nd video was a nice summary of everything that happened. I really hope ICC takes action against Bucknor/Bensor's incompetence.

And in the midst of all this, Bhajji gets banned for calling Symonds a "monkey". What a shame!

Kiran Vyakaranam said...

Some people believe dubious catching should be referred to the third umpire, others say the on-field umpires' decision (based on what they've seen/heard) is final. What Benson did was of a third kind - taking the word of the fielding captain/ fielder. How more ridiculous can umpiring get? In fact what was his job as an umpire there?
I only hope the Indians convert this frustration into some match winning performances in the rest of the games!